By now, you most likely have knowledge of the name of one of the vilest companies to come out of our modern country. There are few other corporations that have succeeded time and time again to pull their weight in such a way as to affect every aspect of our modern economy. I am talking about Monsanto. No other company has wormed its way into our lives at such a deep level. Their dealings have created consequences that have and will continue to affect our food sources for generations.

Starting in the very beginning, a man named John Francis Queeny started a company to refine beet sugar into the artificial sweetener, Saccharin at the turn of the 19th century. The company began to produce a butter substitute, MSG, and shortening soon after. Queeny named the company Monsanto after his wife Olga’s maiden name, Monsanto. Conveniently enough, Queeny was a Knight of Malta, a sect of fraternal order dating back to the Ancient Romans. This means that the company began with a privileged past, and so it is no wonder they have paraded through our lives committing crime after crime. They have poured millions of gallons of toxic waste into our water and ground. They have repeatedly settled lawsuits filed against them in order to stay out of court. Now they have destroyed a vital part of our ecosystem without batting an eye.

During WWI, they expanded to produce plastics, petrochemicals, and phosphorous. This was the ground work for future endeavors that would affect millions. During WWII Monsanto was heavily involved with the Manhattan Project, in a sector called the Dayton Project, a nuclear bomb research facility in Ohio. Shocker.

One of the more deadly chemicals they produced was known as Agent Orange, between 1964 and 1969. This was an herbicide that was used as a chemical weapon to deforest Vietnam. It created a huge number of birth defects, chemical toxicity, and nerve damage. They also introduced DDT during this era, and we know how much of a disaster that turned out to be…

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Monsanto led the way in the field of genetic modification of plants. They began by researching ways to improve crop yield. This, of course, meant more money to be made, and when they succeeded in implanting a gene to make a seed resistant to the chemical known as Round-Up, it was considered a breakthrough. Never mind the fact that they used the E. Coli virus to break through the cellular structure in order to implant the new gene. Pay no attention to the man under the hood.

This brings us to Round-Up. It was originally marketed at a grass fertilizer between 1974 and 1983. The sale and application of Round-Up to all of the suburban households helped to double Monsanto’s sales during this period of time. This product would eventually become the keystone of Monsanto’s dominion over the seed industries and food markets.

In 1985, Monsanto purchased G.D.Searle and Co., the producer of the artificial sweetener, Aspartame, adding to their arsenal. The company then had their fingers in almost everyone’s pie, and Searle’s then CEO Donald Rumsfeld offered his connections in Washington as an aide to Monsanto.

The first modified crop to be released was the soybean in 1996. Corn was the second crop to be modified, and was released in 1998. They were marketed as Round-Up Ready. This meant that farmers could plant their crops, and then spray them with Round-Up, which destroyed the weeds in their fields. Although the purpose of GE seeds was to increase yield, ultimately all that was accomplished was the death of unwanted weeds, and about 11,000+ patents on individually modified seeds.

Through biotechnology, Monsanto has now released several more GE seeds, including Sugar Beets, and now Alfalfa. Modern farming practices have already stripped the top layers of soil of trace minerals that are incredibly important for our nutrition. The scary part about Alfalfa now being marketed as a GE crop is that the roots of the plant grow up to 75 feet below the surface.

Another aspect of genetic modification that has far reaching consequences is cross contamination. There are many crop fields that have been impacted simply by a neighboring farmer buying into the Monsanto scheme. Perhaps a tarp blows off as farmer Dale drives by with his truckload of seed, oops, the seeds are then carried by the wind into farmer John’s fields, and then suddenly, due to the closed door policy and red tape of the corporation’s interest protection, Monsanto, by letters of their own law, have the ability to literally take farmer John’s crops away.

Bees have been a primary pollinator for millenniums. There are entire colonies raised specifically to be sold for pollination to commercial farms. Several years ago, the bees started to disappear. There were studies performed, tests run, and several false or misled conclusions produced, likely at the behest of Monsanto. This is because they already had knowledge that their products were indeed responsible for killing the bees. In order to create the Round-Up Ready seeds, they must coat them in pesticides. This then inputs those chemicals into every part of the plant, from the root to the pollen. When the bees ingest these chemicals, it is a fatal attraction. They are simply ‘doing their job’ so to speak, with unthinkable consequences.

In 2011, 12 million bees were reported dead at Apiaries across Florida. This is an alarming piece of information itself. If only it were not also followed by the creation and release of robotic bees. This is yet another Monsanto contribution to the end of agricultural life as we know it. Oh, what shall we do about this pesky cross-pollination problem? I know! We’ll kill off the bees, and replace them with drone bees that we can control.

There are three main documentaries to watch on this topic: “The World According to Monsanto”, “The Future of Food”, and “Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World”.

A large portion of this information came from this site here: Monsanto’s Dark Side

This site has links to these documentaries and other information pertaining to the monster machine that is, and has been, Monsanto for 111+ years.



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Inappropriate Content

This entry has been blocked for containing inappropriate content, as perceived within the bounds of the SOPA and PIPA Acts. This is for your protection. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. January 18th is a day that many will find very frustrating. This is for a good reason. Many popular sites will be joining together in a blackout, in order to call attention to the larger issues of censorship happening at a faster and faster rate. Take away a large portion of the internet, and what have you got? (Shrugs)

We are at the edge of a great divide; a divide among the people. There are differing opinions about the New World Order, as some capitalize it, in order to capitalize upon it, and this is an event that will have greater impact overall than any amount of people in the street. Those who are making news headlines, as in manufacturing them in order to persuade, and eventually conform minds completely to a particular opinion, will only carry so much sway before the mountain topples completely. Will you find yourself buried under a mound of rubble, or will you make sure that you have a vantage point?

SOPA and PIPA are no joke. Censorship is the main objective, and Piracy is the perfect Patsy. Censor the mainstream, and suddenly they are cut off from not only their first amendment rights, but the ability to connect to a truly vital global network that we have diligently researched and built up around our own modern take of the present.  So few preemptive actions will have such longstanding repercussions. Censoring certain sites is the first step. Then it becomes censorship on a personal level, and then a national level. As a writer, I detest this course of action, and I refuse to be hushed. My voice will still be heard. If it means that I am standing on the street corner, airing my grievances, shaking my fist, and cussing, so be it, but as long as I am a part of a collective that believes that we do indeed deserve freedom of information, ideas, and creative output, I believe there is a possibility for change.

It’s too late to go back now, anyway. How many people here remember anyone’s phone number? Sure, you remember the ones you committed to memory when we still had to do that in order to catalog information, but now, we have externalized memory so much that we are going to find ourselves lost if and when this whole ship goes down. We have set all of our precious information up into this complex web of data that now flows in and around us. We are, as a whole, more or less completely dependent upon this external web now for personal, public, and historic information, and in case you haven’t noticed, there are many who are already trying to limit access to many various parts of that web information.

This is about to become Custer’s Last Stand, except that the horses will be digital, and the people controlling them may be 5,000 miles apart. This is the future, now, as we are writing it, experiencing it, and we are going to have to do something with ourselves when the view is not through the magic box anymore, now aren’t we? So, perhaps tomorrow during the blackout if you are unable to access your gmail, or search someone interesting on Wikipedia, you will find yourself nervous, anxious, disconnected, and then you will truly understand the severity of the issues at hand involving SOPA and PIPA. Piracy of material is a problem, but so is a conniving, stealthy, and irreparable legislative office…

New Thought

I am in an interesting position right now. I am at the edge of both sides of a coin suspended in the air, and I am not sure which way to bend. I have found that I am in the 100% category, and I am experiencing the best of both worlds. I am at the forefront and in the background, and I am noticing every detail. I am in a place of growth, and also of instability, and I am always at the ready for anything to happen. I am dancing with the 1% and marching with the 99%. Still, though, I choose to remain whole.

Change is brewing whether we like it or not, so we may as well make the best of it. There are numerous ways that the mind can find connection and detailed links to the open world of the spheres around us. There are many interesting ways to navigate these fields, and when we begin to see the dynamics of what is happening with fresh eyes, we are able to see the more obvious aspects of what has truly begun to crumble. The Berlin Wall had to fall…after all…

We, as a people, as a species, have been given so many opportunities for growth. We have been given the highest levels of communication possible while remaining in 3D, and yet we have simply continued to plunder and pillage the lands of which we once thrived, all in pursuit of the next level. Some say that video/computer games create pathology. I believe that they are an extension of our subconscious to the point that we have created them as refractions of our inner workings, and that they have grown into extensions of our accepted awareness.

At times, we have more to do than simply play the game. We are also co-creators, and so we are making choices every day that determine the outcomes of each excursion. Perhaps you have noticed similar items in different locations, or someone has brought up the same topic you were just thinking about, or discussing with someone you know. Perhaps you have made reference to something, and another person in the conversation says that they were just discussing that same topic. These are more than coincidences, and when you take notice of them, they can become increasingly familiar to you.

These are signs of synchronicity, and when we notice them, we are activating parts of our brains that are starting to awaken. Yes, it is 2011. However, until now, we have been using a rather small percentage of our brains for all of our cognitive functioning. Some use more, some less, however, the current state of affairs is that we are still only utilizing enough of our physiology to meagerly function. There are many practices, such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation that can activate more areas of our brains. There are also now digital technology programs that can affect the functioning of our brains; training systems, if you will.

This brings to light the subject of transference. This is when someone’s etheric field influences your own. If you can imagine a bubble around you, then also a bubble around every person that you encounter, and you imagine them overlapping at times, you can get a clearer picture of what is happening during transference. Essentially, the energetic signature of each person is carried, in decreasing potency, out and away from the body. When we are in close physical proximity to one another, these fields overlap, and then, poof. Transference.

When someone is emitting a specific frequency, we are subsequently affected by that frequency. Regular contact with someone that has a dominant or overpowering frequency can result in impressions. Impressions happen when one person is so deeply affected by someone else that they more permanently take on the energetic signature of that other person. This can be a very healthy thing or a very unhealthy thing. This is also something that is a changeable factor in that it is possible to “un-train” ourselves. This more or less feels like walking in the opposite direction on the escalator at first, but as you rework your mind, your body learns how to follow suit, and a new skill set is added to your toolbox. Plus, isn’t it time we take back control of our minds?

The Death of A Nation?

It’s time again for some Brain Food:

We in America, and many other countries that have flourished under the banner of “The Good Life”, have been very much misled. We have been won over by advertising, media, and now ultimately corporations, much like The Umbrella Corporation. Truly this ruse is representative of excess, desensitization, and ultimately an untimely demise.

There are many factors that make up the fall of the U.S. Empire. The systems such as banking corporations and retail corporations have pulled the wool over so so so many dealings. Everything is about profit. Now, we even find that our congress is bought and paid for by corporations in Delaware, (and other places I am sure) and that they are now passing legislation with the intent of turning U.S. soil into a battlefield. A government is going to war, informally of course (again), but this time, it’s against it’s own people, on it’s own soil (oh, wait, that’s again too…)

Many wars have been fought over the past ebbs and flows of civilizations, but this is a really extreme example, due in part to the fact that the supposed civil liberties these people are supposed to be preserving have been tossed out the window like some throw their fast food bags out on the highway. There has been a complete system clusterfuck, masterminded very carefully. There are many more who know what is happening now, and thanks to a new level of global perspective, we truly do have access to more information than ever before.

We, the people who are still free (for now at least, thanks to the possible suspension of Habeas Corpus, ie, arrest and indefinite detainment without due process, see S.1867), may soon be prisoners of our own state. The bill is technically entitled “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012″. The suspension of Habeas Corpus is literally buried somewhere inside. This is bigger than any of the disquieting habits of Capitalism. This is our largest protection against the dark side of law enforcement. This is our guarantor that keeps us from rotting in jail on our own soil.

I, and others, have called Police State before, but this is the first time that it has been so close to happening. Each day more people are being arrested using unethical tactics, and being held under weak pretense. If S.1867 is actually passed through all of the channels, they won’t even have to lie anymore, and the gross abuse of power will be “justified” under the letter of the law. This does not frighten me. It makes me less and less willing to succumb to complacency.

I often think of writers while I think of these events. I think about all of the scenarios and inventions that have come to be out of works of fantasy, science fiction, and other forms of creative literature. These stories and plot lines and inventions have been literally written into existence. Subconsciously, or consciously in some cases, people have taken ideas and themes from these stories and made them into reality. You can see many examples of this, particularly in the fields of technology and communication. More modern examples are movies and films directly envisioning a Police State reality.

This process has been going on for a long time, and as we evolve as people, our minds have more and more immediate access to the databases that are a part of our present reality, thanks to the internet. I am talking about something along the lines of the Law of Attraction and The Secret, but in a more immediate, less ego driven way. Those “programs” or “systems” have been manipulated to make money. The same sort of rules apply, however, it is much easier now for more of us, on a global level, to actually manifest what we need without much effort at all.

So, while the lines of communication are still open, I urge you to take a few minutes, and practice envisioning very clearly what you need, right now. Open a space in your life to expand your receptivity. As you get used to this mind-state, you can stretch your wings, so to speak, and start determining the next step on your path and directly manifesting it, exactly as you choose. Once you get used to determining where you are going, and what is coming to pass by you, there will be a new sense of internal freedom, regardless of external factors that are working against us as free people.

Bull Market Blues

(This is a piece I wrote for an open mic at the start of the occupation. It may be a bit outdated at this point, but I feel it is still important to share with you. There are many ways to be involved, whether or not there is an occupation in your town or area, and there are many forums and groups forming to educate, assist, and reform the way we are organized as a society. Whether or not you agree with this movement, it is happening, and will continue to happen. Much like voting, if you are apathetic and don’t exercise your voice, you have no right to complain about things, so get involved somehow or another, before we find ourselves in the dark ages, with the hands of criminals at our throats!) 
     Many people have been holding their breath for years at the mere thought of the words money, economy, and financial security. We are living in extremely trying times, often panicking every time the inflation rate increases. What I believe has been overlooked is the fact that our problem is not with “real” money. “Real” money hasn’t existed within the American markets since Nixon took away the gold backing of the US dollar in 1971. Thanks buddy! So, what have we been spending in it’s place? Theoretical dollars. It makes me think of the episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force where the Mooninites have what they think is a crazy check of a family member, so they take it to earth to try to cash it. It turns out that instead of a crazy check, it is in fact a bill, charging for theoretical dollars. It is much the same these days. We have our own monetary system of theoretical dollars, and it is called credit. We have been lassoed into playing a game, in which we can never fesably win.
     Credit was initially extablished to get us out of the depression of the early 1930’s. It was a sort of loan/repayment plan that was meant to give enough people the boost they needed to get out of the deep gullys that were created when the Stock market crashed 1929. Cue Bear Market. This system held us together for a time, largely due to the fact that there were paper bills and paper checks. I imagine at first, people regained the resources to repay their loans without much recourse, and they were not hit with insanely high interest rates upwards of 15-20%. Most likely, sometime after the dollar lost it’s backing, an overconfident populace started going apeshit crazy with the spending, racking up bills much higher than they were ever going to be able to repay. The banks started realizing that if they charged higher interest rates, they could get even more money out of people when they eventually forced them to pay, and alongside that, the banks acquired plenty of insurance, so even if someone defaulted, they’d get their cut.
     Then, after almost 80 years living off of an ultimately unsustainable, and theoretical dollar system, something drastic happened. In 2008, our economic bubble popped. There was no evident market crash, however, because the popping of the bubble was not about entering into a Bear market phase. The credit system was actually what crashed, and, effectively, that crash ruined many people’s chances of ever getting back on their feet under these rules. All the while, the American banks continued making bank through their insurance companies, and the international centralized banks began making even more bank off of the American banks. You get the picture.
     Our economy has been built up around theoretical dollar number manipulation. Many, with the assistance of a faulty government system, grossly skewed media news and advertising, and a false sense of security, have allowed the wool to continue to be pulled over their eyes. Just because we made it back to a Bull market, we, as a whole, do not get to breathe a sigh of relief. The system is dying. There are starving and homeless people living beneath the feet of billionaires. There is a vast discrepancy between the two classes, and the imbalance continues to grow. Yes, we have indeed returned to the days of a two-class system. Oh, how I miss you, 1990’s. Life was so good then…at least for me, and my middle class family living in excessive comfort.
     Cue reality check. Now, many millions of people have lost the ability to realize their “American Dreams”. They suffer, struggle, and lose access to adequate education and healthcare, and are then forced into much lower standards of living. The problem is not with the amount of money we have in our market. The true issue is the overwhelming imbalance in the distribution. Oh, and the fact that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation that has now “lost track of” the spending records for somewhere around 7 trillion dollars. That is more than half of our national debt to the rest of the world. Just sayin’.
     This brings me to my opinion about the current occupation of Wall St. Even though many still worship the bull market, protesting at Wall St will not truly solve any problems. The men and women who wake up every day and go to their cushy office jobs, make their Upper Class wages, and toast champagne over the suffering of others are not truly the ones with power. They are still mere working class citizens. Attempting to stop or dismantle a working class of people will do nothing to affect our levels of wealth…only our levels of poverty.
     Occupying the trading territory of the upper crust offers nothing more than an idealistic dreamworld that has no foundation on which to build. Sure, you may have your face on film ranting, but what are you accomplishing? There are many many problems with the way our system is set up, but what on earth do you really think is going to change by marching through the streets with signs? How does getting maced and or beaten up by the authority who are now taking the liberty of using excessive force honestly help us? Guess what, it really doesn’t help at all. The only thing that is being accomplised right now is the continued waste of more theoretical dollars.
     I do understand that people feel the need to exercise their voices, and that some feel it is necessary to live under the guise of righteous indignation, but come on… Wake up. The American economic system is not the top tier of the global financial world. Wall St. is a tiny speck on the map far away on the globe from Switzerland, or the Caribbean. These are two of the locations that house true criminals. Those criminals are the leaders of the centralized banks. The centralized banks are the ones calling ALL of the shots.  They are not working class citizens. They are truly the elite, they are truly in control, and they are the institutions with all of the clout.
     Yes, the Wall St. suits are making a lot of money, but they are only pawns in this game of chess.  Employees of American financial institutions have no real power when it comes to our “crisis”. Besides, this goes way beyond the borders of our fine establishment. There is a global crisis going on, and they both revolve around the same thing. Money and power. For many many generations people with money have commanded a place of power. With such luxury, it’s no wonder the elite want to keep their thrones. At this time, I am having difficulty finding solutions to offer, but, instead of camping out and getting arrested, I have taken a little time to look deeper, with the intention of starting dialog, and I have been sharing information on this topic through social media outlets. So, what are we going to do about this mess?